Half Hour Heroes

Storytelling and Gaming Podcast Hosed by Rick Heinz and Jamison Stone

A half hour podcast on Storytelling, Gaming, and Books by two published authors. Dedicated to Fantasy/Sci-Fi, authors Jamison Stone and Rick Heinz are the Half Hour Heroes!

Hosted by two long time, die hard gamers, Half Hour Heroes is here to further your practice, pursuit, and knowledge of Fantasy/Sci-Fi. With exclusive giveaways and interviews, Half Hour Heroes is cutting edge storytelling commentary and your personal portal into the epic world of gaming and books.

We release a new Podcast every Monday with exclusive content on new and classic Fantasy/Sci-Fi. Join us, Heroes, and share our passion for all things storytelling, gaming, and book related.

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Meet the Hosts

Richard Heinz

Author of The Seventh Age: Dawn, Richard Heinz is as an electrician with a deep interest in politics, symbology, and― not to mention countless caffeine-driven hours spent playing Diablo. The Seventh Age: Dawn is Rick’s first book, as well as book one in the sprawling urban fantasy epic, The Seventh Age Series. When he isn’t navigating the labyrinthine corridors of his own imagination, Rick works as a project manager in Chicago. You can follow Rick on Twitter @CrankyBolt, or read random geek articles from @GeekandSundry!

Jamison Stone

Author of Rune of the Apprentice, Jamison Stone was born in Massachusetts and raised throughout New England on a healthy diet of magic, martial arts, and meditation. He lives with a loving wife and wolf, but expects to have their pack grow soon. When he is not getting distracted by video games, Jamison is the director of Apotheosis Studios. Rune of the Apprentice is his first novel, however, there are more on the way. To learn more about Jamison and his various projects, visit him on Twitter @StoneJamison / Instagram @Stone.Jamison and www.stonejamison.com